My passion for love and life and all the extraordinary ordinary moments within it is mostly thanks to this wonderful bunch of humans. Dan and I have been married for 7 years and together for what now feels a lifetime. We have taken the fast road, the slow road, the road less trodden, changed careers, set goals and abandoned some, changed our minds, loved, fought, made up and created three incredible children who are the giggling, noisy, messy core of our family today. The start of the pandemic was my very big life changing turning point, along with most of humanity I guess, but it coincided with our beautiful youngest son arriving in to our family, rocking his extra chromosome and a heck of a lot of love. I'd dreamed of photography, a career I love as much as I do motherhood, that I can carve out and make co-exist with this life too, for so long and my three children were my driving force.

Picking up my camera to capture all the raw, spectacular moments in your lives, or to manifest a creative project is the buzz that brings me joy even when I'm knee deep in washing. And the extra time with my three little ones to pick them up from school, be there for bedtime and in the night as they grow and no longer need so much of me makes every late night edit or long day shooting 100% worth it

Any thing else you need to know about me feel free to ask, I'm an open book, wear my heart on my sleeve, and I love a cup of tea! I hope you'll meet me as a client and leave as a friend.

My business is what it is because of you, the couples, the families, the new parents, the brands and fellow creatives. Thank you for booking with me for all your photography needs in the past, in the future or again and again!

I genuinely do a happy dance each and every time.


the technical stuff, tips and practical experience

all you could want to know about my kit and how i work...

Without boring all the none techie folk, I shoot with two full frame camera bodies and have a variety of prime lenses that suit most situations. If there is an occasion I feel my kit needs an extra lens I'll happily hire in with enough advance warning (eg. property, interior photography).

I shoot weddings, families (including maternity and newborn) and brands in a mixture of documentary style and with some gentle direction. This basically means I will watch, wait, and shoot on the down low as much as I can but I will also guide you in to some gentle (none- cringeworthy) poses by giving you a few hints. With all my photography genres I can work outdoors (and in most weathers- some of my clients can attest) at a venue, your business or in your home and will happily travel for a small charge. Get in touch you'd like to chat through a particular location or idea.

I have oodles of experience working with families, newborns and children, it's not always an easy task photographing children, especially those who may be nervous, I have a lot of patience and find the best way to get the images you hope for is to not overwhelm them, let them warm to me in their own time, if they do (it's not a problem if they don't) and concentrate of creating those tender moments between yourselves and I will be there quietly in the background to capture all the magic... or I can act the clown if necessary!! Believe it or not, adults can be even trickier when they feel nervous, and I'm one who feels super uncomfortable on the other side of the lens, I understand completely! That is why I recommend you book in for you pre-wedding shoots to help get to know each other and ease your nerves on your special day. Many of the clients I have met and photographed this year are still in touch, have booked again, or I would now call friends so I hope this is testament that it really won't be as scary as you think!


The Northern Independent Coffee Guide 2021

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