You’ve all got to be put together…

So, as a photographer I’m all for the Earthy tones that go hand and hand with a flipping marvellous outdoor shoot… as a mama… well, we don’t always get a choice. If your toddler is so incredibly desperate to wear their Spider-Man suit/ Tu-tu/ Elsa dress/ Swimming Costume (yes we’ve been there too) and your carefully put together outfit pick for them is lying unloved on the floor whilst your child strops… pause and remember why you booked me in the first place. I’m here to capture your memories, the good, the bad, the hilarious. I’m here to remind you what your precious offspring was like as a spirited two and a half year old so that when they’re twenty-two you can look back and feel all the heart bursting joy you felt when you were actually throwing your arms around that Elsa costumed toddler and giving them big squeeze. Together we are investing in your family’s memories and it really is that beautiful. Rocking the silly, weird and wonderful outfits and all (and FYI… there is always black and white to fall back on)!